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đŸŽ¯Battle Points

Battle Points (BP) measure a player's achievements in PvP Battles and aim to reward engagement, strategy, and community participation within our ecosystem.

New Exclusive PvE Missions

Exclusive PvE Missions will be introduced that will be available for players who have Battle Points. Players with higher BP tiers will access higher yield rewards, incentivizing competitive play and strategic engagement.

These missions will not experience a decrease in efficiency based on the number of clubs participating simultaneously. This encourages widespread participation with higher yields and ensures that rewards are distributed based on BP Tier.

Introducing the Battle Points Leaderboard

A new BP leaderboard will be introduced to highlight the top players based on their BP Tier and offer new rewards based on ranking.

The higher the rank, the more rewards you receive!

New Game Mode and $LFG Expansion

We're developing an exhilarating new game mode where Battle Points (BP) will play an essential role in progression.

Additionally, we're releasing an extra 500,000,000 $LFG into the ecosystem to support this new mode and upcoming exclusive PvE Missions, enhancing gameplay and rewards.

How to earn Battle Points?

Engage in PvP battles to collect Battle Points. Here's how it works:

Scenario: Player A attacks Player B

  • Successful Loot: Player A earns BP, while Player B loses BP.

  • Failed Loot: Player A's BP remains unchanged, and Player B earns BP.

The more $LFG you burn in PvP Battles to increase your Success Rate, the more Battle Points you collect!

Successfully Looting higher BP Tier Clubs will reward you with more BP

BP Requirements for $LFG Withdrawals

To ensure a fair and secure gaming environment, a minimum BP requirement will be established for $LFG withdrawals. This approach is aimed at preventing exploitation by scripts and bots.

Following the Token Generation Event (TGE), withdrawal limits will be influenced by a player's BP, enabling those with higher BP tiers to have more significant withdrawal limits per transaction.

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