The TURNUP ecosystem provides consumer utility and social access, which allows users to discover, consume, and build across multiple game genres and titles. The in-house app store provides access to a secure and organized platform that benefits players by offering a wide range of games, facilitating easy updates, providing a safe environment, and enhancing overall accessibility and convenience in the gaming experience.

TURNUP focuses on three main aspects:

  • Discovery: As displayed below, users can enter the app, discover various games, and play without downloading or leaving the TURNUP app because they are features of progressive web apps. Along with games, users can find creators, streamers, and other app users building their social graphs using Turnup’s live-streaming and creation tools.

  • Chain Agnostic Approach: All your game multi-chain game assets can be accessed within one dashboard. Sign-in is as simple as using your existing social login (Google account and Email) without needing a web3 wallet. The assets do not need to be bridged or transferred to multiple platforms for use. The efficiency of having the game assets under one roof allows players and users to focus on their experience rather than the logistics.

  • Social: TURNUP allows players to create their clubs or join existing clubs on the platform. Boost Your Social Status. Forge Connections. Build Your Social Empire. Connect with like-minded individuals and enjoy exclusive content, services & experiences.

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